Steakhouse: Annie Gunn's

Culinary stalwart Annie Gunn’s might have won in the steakhouse category, but this restaurant is more than a destination for perfectly cooked steaks, although chef Lou Rook III expertly turns out a medium-rare ribeye. Founded in 1937 as the Chesterfield Mercantile Co., which now operates next door as the Smokehouse Market, Annie Gunn’s used to be surrounded by countryside. Today, it’s in the retail heart of St. Louis County, but the original philosophy to offer “foods and wines inspired by the richness of country life” remains the same. The food here is classic yet modern, the staff professional yet welcoming and the wine list massive yet approachable. If you’re seeking a place that will satisfy everyone in your dinner party, this is it. (Photo by J. Pollack Photography)

★ The original smokers that gave Smokehouse Market its name still sit behind the building. With racks coated in glossy black creosote and roofs softened by spring-green moss, these beauties gently smoke meat and seafood, including our favorite, maple syrup-glazed jumbo shrimp.

Annie Gunn’s,

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