Copper Run Distillery Rum

In Walnut Shade, Copper Run Distillery produces both a white and dark rum.

Rum is having a renaissance. The spirit is much more versatile than legend would have it; regional styles offer flavor profiles ranging from sweet and fruity to buttery and rich. As rum becomes more prominent on bar menus across the country, local distilleries are getting into the game, producing rums perfect for mixing into a Daiquiri or even sipping neat.

Nobleton’s Distilling House

Business partners Demetrius Cain and Dan Combest fulfilled a longtime dream when they opened Nobleton’s Distilling House in Beaufort, Missouri, last year. A former bartender, Cain quickly fell in love with the complexities of regional styles of rum like Jamaican or Martinique rhum agricole. To that end, Nobleton’s Blue Duckett Rum is made with 100-percent raw sugarcane instead of the traditional molasses; Cain says this gives the spirit, which is light and aromatic, distinct vegetal and floral notes. In May, Nobleton's released Duckett Rhum 103, a lightly aged rum, followed by the June release of a traditional Curaçao made with 14 different spices and herbs.

Nobleton’s Distilling House, Beaufort, Missouri,

Copper Run Distillery

In the heart of the Missouri Ozarks, Copper Run Distillery produces bourbon, whiskey, moonshine and both a white and aged rum. General manager Brandon Moore says the Overproof White Rum, Copper Run's take on Caribbean-style rum, is perfect for mixing in cocktails with its rich, buttery aroma. While the Island Gold Rum is made with the same ingredients, it’s aged in whiskey barrels, imparting flavors of toasted marshmallow, and is meant to be sipped straight. Moore says guests frequently tell him they never liked rum until they tasted Copper Run’s.

Copper Run Distillery, 1901 Day Road, Walnut Shade, Missouri, 417.587.3336,

Rocheport Distilling Co.

An offshoot of Les Bourgeois Vineyards, Rocheport Distilling Co. in Rocheport, Missouri, produces a flagship Rocheport Distilling Co. barrel-aged dark rum and a white rum. Marketing director Christa Holtzclaw says the two businesses operating in such close quarters opens up opportunities for fun collaborations; the signature Stargazer Wine Cocktail, for example, combines Rocheport’s dark rum with Les Bourgeois’ dry Missouri Chardonel, pineapple and vanilla simple syrup. Next up, the distillery plans to release a line of brandies.

Rocheport Distilling Co., 14020 W. Hwy. BB, Rocheport, Missouri,

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