Draft Latte The Coffee Ethic

Draft lattes are smooth and satisfying at The Coffee Ethic.

Nitro coffee is a favorite among cold-brew fans; the java gets a hit of nitrogen to give it a rich, foamy head. The draft latte is a close cousin that ups the ante with milk and flavorings such as bourbon and vanilla. 

The Coffee Ethic

Customers at The Coffee Ethic in Springfield, Missouri, love the shop’s nitrogen-infused cold brew: The velvety body and smooth coffee flavor sort of resembled a Guinness. “While still delicious, [iced lattes] lack the texture that hot lattes get from steaming milk,” says general manager Nathan Murphy. To that end, The Coffee Ethic mixes cold brew concentrate (which offers more stability over time than espresso), milk and housemade vanilla syrup in a four-gallon keg before infusing it with pure nitrogen and letting it condition for 12 hours. Once the keg is ready, it’s as easy to serve as pouring a draft beer.

The Coffee Ethic, 124 Park Central Square, Springfield, Missouri, 417.866.6645, thecoffeeethic.com

Hail! Coffee

Hail! Coffee, a mobile delivery and event-based coffee service, created its draft latte program thanks in part to customer demand. “You get a cold latte that has a creamier texture and richer flavor,” says co-owner Caleb Roye. The Hail! Coffee draft latte is a combination of Monarch Coffee’s Emissary Concentrate, sweetened condensed milk and burnt-sugar simple syrup. It’s available at Monarch this spring; Hail! Coffee is also available for public and private events, where it serves both nitro cold brew and draft lattes on tap from a bicycle.

Hail! Coffee, Kansas City, Missouri, hailcoffeekc.com

The Filling Station

At The Filling Station’s Midtown and Westport locations in Kansas City, the draft latte has been a smash hit. The secret is the syrup, which blends bourbon and vanilla beans for a sweet, grown-up flavor. The Filling Station starts with nitro cold brew, which is kept on draft; each drink is made-to-order by a barista, who combines cold brew, syrup and cold whole milk. The end result is a frothy, thick drink that feels as luxurious as a milkshake. “It’s that flavor combination that really puts it over the top,” says Midtown floor manager Spencer Hanson.

The Filling Station, multiple locations, Kansas City, Missouri, fillingstationcoffee.com

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