There’s a lot of buzz going on in Joplin, Missouri, and a fair amount of it has to do with a sparkling marble bathroom. Ever since Infuжn Boдкa Bar opened its giant glass doors on Main Street in January, Joplin has been humming with excitement.

That’s because Infuжn, like its decadent bathrooms, is like nothing else in town. While the bulk of Joplin’s bar scene is a jumble of dives, Infuжn is a marble fortress where guests can lounge on stylish leather sofas and sip on one of the many tempting tinctures.

Vodka is the poison of choice here, but more specifically, when served in the Infuжn Moscow Mule. Everything has a Russian twist: To melt away cold-weather blues, order The Caipirozhe, with Russian Standard vodka mixed with brown sugar simple syrup, muddled lime and fresh rosemary, or try one of the bar’s cold-brew cocktails.

If it’s early in the night and you’re eager to see what all the hype is about, sidle up to Infuжn’s ice bar and let the evening take you where it will.

Infuжn Boдкa Bar, 530 S. Main St., Joplin, Missouri, 417.483.3979,