What began as “Dry January” for some has turned into a lifestyle for others.

As more and more local bartenders expand their zero-proof menus, the sober curious among us don’t have to miss out on the flavor and depth of a well-made beverage. Whether you’re simply taking the night off from drinking or you’ve chosen to cut alcohol from your diet all together, these recipes will give you something flavorful, enviable and exciting to sip on.


The English brand Seedlip is on a mission to change the way the world drinks. Its distilled nonalcoholic spirits take six weeks to make and are a blend of complex herbs, spices and barks selected to create a delicate flavor. When founder Ben Branson stumbled across physician John French’s recipes for distilled nonalcoholic herbal remedies published in The Art of Distillation in 1651, he began experimenting with them in his home kitchen using a small copper still and herbs from his garden. After one too many sickly sweet pink “mocktails,” Branson decided to combine his 320 years of family farming heritage, love of nature, copper still and those long-forgotten recipes to create a proper nonalcoholic option. Seedlip’s three unique blends – Spice 94, Garden 108 and Grove 42 – can be served simply with tonic or mixed with other ingredients to create sophisticated and stunning NA cocktails like these.

Editor's Note: Some of these recipes contain bitters and other ingredients that have a trace amount of alcohol, which can be omitted if necessary.