Located just off U.S. Highway 65 in Highlandville, Missouri, J and J Cheese Factory is a passion project for Jessica Hey and her boyfriend, Jasen Conner. The nostalgic shop looks like a cozy log cabin and is stocked with more than 80 cheeses, mostly from Wisconsin.

Before opening J and J, the couple visited creameries in Wisconsin to curate their cheese selection. Grab a toothpick and sample from the plethora of options, including squeaky cheese curds, creamy caraway-flavored Cheddar and mellow Muenster. The shop also stocks shelf-stable products from House of Webster in Rogers, Arkansas, plus charcuterie, candy and gift items.

3 Best-Selling Cheeses at J and J

Brun-uusto: The shop carries a variety of Brun-uusto, a cheese that’s baked to form a crust similar to toasted bread. “We have four flavors, and they make great appetizers, toppings or stuffing,” Hey says. “It gets a crispy outer edge while warm and gooey on the inside.” Choose from bacon, pizza, garlic and jalapeño flavors.

Smoked Gouda: This creamy Gouda has a nice balance of smoky flavor that pairs well with grilled meats or a glass of dry red wine.

Morel Mushroom and Onion Monterey Jack: Flavored with morel mushrooms and onion, this specialty Monterey Jack has a creamy texture and earthy undertones. “If you love wild mushrooms of the Ozarks, you’ll love this,” Hey says.

J and J Cheese Factory, 330 Burk Road, Highlandville, Missouri, facebook.com/jandjcheesefactory

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Juliana Goodwin lives in Springfield, Mo., but loves to explore the Ozarks and write about it for Feast Magazine.

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