At VanDeli in Ava, Missouri, owners Travis Barry and Kaycee Vandelicht Barry turn the bounty of fresh produce from local farms – including theirs – into universally loved lunches.

Designed to heal and sustain, the from-scratch dishes on the weekly menus highlight all-natural ingredients. The bánh mì wrap, for example, combines fresh and pickled vegetables, garlic aïoli and your choice of teriyaki-marinated protein – from Glade Top beef to Peace Valley Poultry pasture-raised chicken to Top Shelf Fungi lion’s mane mushrooms – in gluten-free cassava flour tortillas.

The couple also crafts superfood lattes and medicinal nonalcoholic cocktails, and all of their desserts are paleo – we recommend the salted tahini “caramel” bar made with an almond flour shortbread crust.

Perhaps the best part of this dynamic farm-to-deli eatery, though, is the affordable prices. As Kaycee says, it’s about serving real food to as many people as possible.

VanDeli, 133 S. Jefferson St. (inside Jean’s Healthway), Ava, Missouri,