Cooky's Cafe Pie

Cooky's Cafe's pies have been featured on Food Network. 

Behind a glass case lined with pies, smiling faces greet customers from the open-concept kitchen at Cooky’s Cafe. The restaurant opened in 1942 and has been bustling ever since; people flock from all over to get their hands on the flavors they crave, such as chocolate meringue, coconut cream and the old-fashioned butterscotch meringue, which tastes like a rich caramel pie and has garnered praise from the Food Network.

Pie is the star of the show at Cooky’s, but don’t overlook the regular menu. The best-selling fried chicken is delicious, as well as the slow-cooked brisket and the shaved-to-order smoked ham sandwich.

Whatever you’re in for, remember the eatery is cash or check only.

Cooky's Cafe, 519 Main St., Golden City, Missouri, 417.537.4741,