Cafe B-29 Interior

Cafe B-29 pays tribute to the U.S. military while serving up fan favorite burgers. 

Paying homage to the U.S. military, Cafe B-29 in Ozark, Missouri, is adorned with black and white photographs of local veterans, vintage military posters and Army-green tabletops.

The juicy burgers at this female-owned business are a fan favorite: The B-29 Brat Burger, for example, features a pepper Jack-bacon bratwurst formed into a pork patty topped with a slice of pepper Jack, sautéed onions and a light drizzle of Sriracha ranch. The Monte Cristo and Tank Nachos also garner rave reviews.

However, no matter what you order, you can expect to leave full: Portions are decidedly generous.

Cafe B-29, 1751 W. State Highway J, Ozark, Missouri, 417.485.7500,