Lambert's Cafe Rolls

Careful, these airborne rolls are hot!

Eating at Lambert’s Cafe – “home of throwed rolls” – is practically a sport: To get a hot roll, you have to snatch it from the air as it sails across the vast dining room.

The restaurant opened in 1942, but the tradition of “throwed rolls” came about on a busy night in 1976, when the son of founders Earl and Agnes Lambert resorted to throwing a roll at a customer instead of walking it to the table.

As if to prepare you for the eating Olympics,the portions are huge and include any or all of its “pass arounds” – fried okra, black-eyed peas, macaroni and tomato, apple butter  and more are all spooned right onto your plate. Take as much as you want: Lambert’s aims to please.

Lambert's Cafe, 2305 E. Malone Ave., Sikeston, Missouri, 573.471.4261,