If apples are the telltale sign of fall, it’s blueberries that ring in summer in the Ozarks. You’ll find plenty of blueberries at Persimmon Hill Farm in Lampe, Missouri, near the Arkansas border, with 75 acres of blackberries, elderberries, shiitake mushrooms and, of course, blueberries. From June through August, visitors can meander through tight rows of berries and fill buckets with fresh fruit.

Before heading home, stop inside the farm’s wood-clad café where windows wrap around the building, providing a panoramic view of the lush farm. Loaded with fresh blueberries, the menu features stick-to-your-ribs home cookin’ for breakfast and lunch. Thunder Muffins, which dwarf regular-sized ones, are peppered with blueberries, as are the blueberry cinnamon rolls, blueberry milkshakes and blueberry pancakes drizzled with – you guessed it – housemade blueberry syrup.

Cheesy shiitake mushroom quesadillas, pulled pork sandwiches with blueberry barbecue sauce and shiitake sliders provide a savory kick, and the café’s bounty of housemade jams, syrups, lemonades, shiitake croutons, apple butters and barbecue sauces can be purchased for home use. When you start your morning with farm-fresh blueberry syrup, you know summer is officially in full swing.

Persimmon Hill Farm, 367 Persimmon Hill Lane, Lampe, Missouri, persimmonhill.com