Midwest Made Charcuterie

Next time you stock up for a charcuterie board, look for these locally made cured meats.

Charcuterie boards are having a major moment. Luckily, you don’t have to look far to stock yours: These locally made cured meats, from prosciutto to summer sausage, are sold throughout Missouri, and they’ll make any board the highlight of your next happy hour.

Hermann Wurst Haus

In 2011, Mike Sloan, whose family owns Swiss Meat & Sausage Co., and his wife, Lynette, ventured out on their own, transforming an auto parts store in Hermann, Missouri, into Hermann Wurst Haus. The deli shop specializes in German-style meats, including liverwurst and head cheese. The peppered sweet bologna – another delicacy – is smoked for five hours and goes well with mild Cheddar or a soft cheese such as quark. Browse the selection of cured meats at the shop or online at hermannwursthaus.com.

Swiss Meat & Sausage Co.

Swiss Meat & Sausage Co. in Hermann, Missouri, has a long tradition of producing sausage with Swiss, German, Italian and even Hawaiian influence. Out of its 15 signature sausages, standouts include the andouille (a Cajun ham sausage), spicy pepperoni-style sausage and venison summer sausage. Smooth and delicately spiced, the German-style Braunschweiger deserves a spot on your next board as well. Stop by the store or order an assortment of charcuterie online at swissmeats.com.

Paradise Locker Meats

Under the owners’ namesake label, Fantasma’s Finest, Paradise Locker Meats in Trimble, Missouri, produces outstanding charcuterie. Made with choice cuts of heritage pork and pork liver, the pâté-style Braunschweiger features notes of onion, garlic and mustard seed. The Fantasma family pairs it with pickled vegetables and crackers to cut through the fat content and contrast the soft texture. Order this, summer sausage (we suggest the pepper Jack and jalapeño) and more online at paradisemeats.com.

Volpi Foods

For more than a century, Volpi Foods has been a reliable source for artisan cured meats. For the heritage prosciutto – Volpi’s flagship product – fresh ham sourced from local family farms and butchered at Paradise Locker Meats is hand-rubbed, salted and air-dried in-house –an 18-month aging process that yields remarkable results. The prosciutto, plus chorizo, coppa and soppressata, to name a few, are available at the Volpi storefront in St. Louis, at major grocery stores throughout the country and online at volpifoods.com.

Salume Beddu

Add a taste of Italy to your charcuterie board with the cacciatorini from Salume Beddu in St. Louis. The dry salami gets its bold, punchy flavor from a combination of black pepper, marjoram and red wine. A spicier option, the Calabrese salami delivers notes of chile de árbol, smoked paprika, coriander, garlic and red wine, while the ‘nduja (a spreadable Calabrian-style salami) is packed with chiles and pairs perfectly with toasted ciabatta. Explore everything the local cured meat company has to offer at Parker’s Table in Richmond Heights, Missouri, or online at salumebeddu.com.