Thrive Coffee + Creamery

Thrive's board president, Clayton Kreisel, and board member Amanda Kreisel scoop ice cream at the nonprofit shop.

In July, Thrive Coffee + Creamery opened in Fayette, Missouri, offering a sweet new meeting spot for a cup of joe or scoop of ice cream. But Thrive’s impact extends beyond its menu: As its name suggests, the local eatery wants everyone – from producer to customer – to thrive. It’s a mindset that goes about business in a different way, and Thrive hopes to positively affect Fayette with its profits.

We recently caught up with owners Clayton and Amanda Kreisel to learn more. 

What made you want to start an ice cream shop? It’s been an idea in the back of our heads and hearts since we got married. We love good food, not just because it’s enjoyable, but because of the community aspect: how food brings people together around a table. We decided on ice cream because it’s a pure love and passion for us. On our fifth wedding anniversary, we made a bucket list, and one thing we put on it was learning to make gourmet ice cream. We’ve been dabbling in that for five years now and making it commercially since the start of 2019. –Amanda Kreisel

You’re serving up some creative ice cream flavors with unique names. Where do they come from? We have 12 flavors; six are consistent and six are rotating. The names and flavors are inspired by our community. For example, my wife makes these unbelievable oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies, so we serve a special cookies and cream flavor featuring them called Amanda’s Cookies. For the rest of the year, our blueberry ice cream will be called Let’s Go Bluesberry in celebration of the St. Louis Blues’ Stanley Cup win – we held a vote on our Facebook page where fans got to choose the name. And our chocolate chip-mint, simply called Jerry’s Mint, is named for one of the former professors at Central Methodist University: Dr. Jerry Priddy. We’ve experimented with other fun flavors as well, including cherry-pecan, peach cobbler, churro and chai – most of which have become staples now. –Clayton Kreisel

What role do you hope Thrive will play in the Fayette community? We want to create a meeting ground in Fayette: A place for the university and the community to intersect, because that’s something that doesn’t happen a lot. We want to bring great coffee, great ice cream and things that are community-building to Fayette, and to use our profits to impact the community and the world. Since we’ve opened, we’ve had so many individuals personally reach out to express how glad they are that we’re here. We already have a lot of repeat customers making Thrive a regular part of their week; we’ve had families come to Thrive to celebrate a child’s birthday, couples schedule date nights here and business meetings happen around our tables. –A.K.

Thrive Coffee + Creamery, 203 N. Church St., Fayette, Missouri,

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