Ashley's Apple Basket Café Bacon Ranch Wrap

The Sweet & Spicy Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap is a new favorite.

Noah Heaton and his wife, Kari, bought Ashley’s Apple Basket Cafe in Macon, Missouri, in 2014; their daughter, Ashley, had been working at Apple Basket Cafe for more than 10 years when the owners retired.

Noah says the current menu pulls inspiration from the former restaurant while evolving its range of offerings. The Sweet & Spicy Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap, for example, was put on the menu after employees dipped the wrap in a house sweet and spicy sauce, and eventually customers just started ordering it.

The changes have been a hit: Ashley’s serves around 500 people a day in a town of 5,000.

Ashley’s Apple Basket Cafe, 215 N. Rollins St., Macon, Missouri,

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