Honey Chile' Please Blackberry Fried Chicken

Blackberry fried chicken is a specialty.

Kimsha Rosensteel grew up learning to cook from her mother and grandmother and later went on to cook in a military dining facility for 15 years. In 2016, she put that lifetime of experience to work by opening Honey Chile’ Please in Waynesville, Missouri.

The former military brat and current military wife is at home serving the many U.S. Army personnel and their families from nearby Fort Leonard Wood. Her blackberry fried chicken, for example, has been a big hit.

Other favorites on the ever-changing menu include Krispy Kreme burgers, gumbo fries, étouffée, oxtail with rice, Cajun biscuits and gravy, and red velvet waffles with fried chicken. Customers also love her decadent desserts, including lavender-peach cake and buttermilk pie.

Honey Chile' Please, 1100 Old Historic Route 66, Waynesville, Missouri, facebook.com/honeychileplease

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