White, Sparkling & Rosé Wine Board

What grows together goes together, as they say, and nothing pairs better with local wine than local cheese. Our region's terroir is expressed beautifully in these artisan products, each reflecting the character of our soil and climate. Rather than grabbing a run-of-the-mill Cheddar to pair with a bottle of dry red wine from California, France or Italy, reach for products made close to home.

Pair Quark With Vidal Blanc

Try Blumenhof Winery’s 2017 Missouri Weinland

With quark’s history in German-speaking countries, it’s no surprise that it pairs beautifully with the fruit-focused, German-style wines from Blumenhof Winery in Dutzow, Missouri. The award-winning 2017 Missouri Weinland is off-dry, with 2 percent residual sugar, and bursts with crisp peach, pear, melon and apricot flavors. The fruit balances out the tanginess of the quark and its crispness complements the creamy finish of the cheese. This is Blumenhof’s best-seller, made from mostly estate-grown Vidal Blanc grapes. blumenhof.com

Must-Try Local Quark

▶ Marcoot Jersey Creamery’s Quark from Greenville, Illinois, marcootjerseycreamery.com

▶ Hemme Brothers Farmstead Creamery’s German Quark from Sweet Springs, Missouri, hemmebrothers.com

▶ Milton Creamery’s Quark from Milton, Iowa, miltoncreamery.com

Pair Fresh Chèvre With Sparkling Brut

Try Les Bourgeois Winery’s Sparkling Brut

A crisp sparkling wine cuts through the saltiness of fresh, salty cheeses like chèvre. The peach, apricot and apple flavors in Les Bourgeois Winery's Sparkling Brut also pair nicely with chèvre. The limited-production wine is made through a process called méthode champenoise; this means a second fermentation happens inside the bottle, creating the bubbles in the wine. At Les Bourgeois in Rocheport, Missouri, Vidal Blanc grapes are harvested early so that the alcohol content stays low enough to allow for two rounds of fermentation. missouriwine.com

Must-Try Local Fresh Chèvre

▶ Baetje Farms’ Three-Pepper or Plain Coeur de la Crème from Bloomsdale, Missouri, baetjefarms.com

▶ Goatsbeard Farm’s Fresh Herb Goat Cheese from Harrisburg, Missouri, goatsbeardfarm.com

▶ Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery’s Chèvre Frais from Champaign, Illinois, prairiefruits.com

Pair Bloomy Rinds With Rosé

Try Montelle Winery’s La Roseé

Bloomy-rind cheeses shine when paired with fruit-forward rosés and light-bodied reds. La Roseé from Montelle Winery in Augusta, Missouri, is made from a blend of St. Vincent, Chambourcin and Cabernet Franc grapes. It features vibrant flavors of strawberry and raspberry with a well-rounded mouthfeel and lingering finish. It's flavorful and refreshing, providing the perfect balance for bloomy-rind cheeses. The rosé is made using a process called saigneé, which is French for “to bleed.” After grape clusters are destemmed, the juice, pulp and skins soak together to extract color. The juice is pumped from the grape must – rather than pressed – and cold-fermented in stainless steel. This gives the wine lighter tannins and fresh fruit aromas and flavors. montelle.com

Must-Try Local Bloomy Rinds

▶ Green Dirt Farm’s Dirt Lover from Weston, Missouri, greendirtfarm.com

▶ Baetje Farms’ Miette from Bloomsdale, Missouri, baetjefarms.com

▶ Goatsbeard Farm’s Prairie Bloom from Harrisburg, Missouri, goatsbeardfarm.com