Red & Dessert Wine Board

What grows together goes together, as they say, and nothing pairs better with local wine than local cheese. Our region's terroir is expressed beautifully in these artisan products, each reflecting the character of our soil and climate. Rather than grabbing a run-of-the-mill Cheddar to pair with a bottle of dry red wine from California, France or Italy, reach for products made close to home.

Pair Tomme With Chambourcin

Try Röbller Vineyard’s 2015 Missouri Le Trompier Noir

Le Trompier Noir from Röbller Vineyard in New Haven, Missouri, is inspired by the Pinot Noir found in Burgundy’s Cote d’Or region. It’s a fruit-forward, medium-bodied blend with soft tannins. The wine balances the delicate flavors of tomme without overpowering it. Winemaker Jerry Mueller uses a blend of Chambourcin, St. Vincent and Villard Noir grapes that are harvested and fermented together using yeast from his favorite district in Burgundy to capture the famous wine region’s character. Flavors of blackberry, plum and spiced cherries are followed by a hint of toasted oak and a smooth, balanced finish.

Must-Try Local Tommes

▶ Marcoot Jersey Creamery’s Tomme from Greenville, Illinois,

▶ Green Dirt Farm’s Prairie Tomme from Weston, Missouri,

▶ Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery’s Moonglo from Champaign, Illinois,

Pair Cheddar with Norton

Try Pirtle’s 2016 Missouri Norton

Cheddar pairs exceptionally well with full- and medium-bodied reds. Pirtle Winery’s award-winning Missouri Norton has a nice, balanced tannin structure that complements the sharpness of the cheese. It’s a dry, medium-bodied red wine made from grapes grown a few miles away from the winery in Weston, Missouri. The Norton has flavors of black cherry, spice and a hint of smoke from aging in American oak for 12 months. The fruit-forward flavors and light, dry finish make it the perfect wine to enjoy on the patio with friends.

Must-Try Local Cheddars

▶ Milton Creamery’s Flory’s Truckle made at Homestead Creamery in Jamesport, Missouri,

▶ Hemme Brothers' Cheddar or Aged Cheddar from Sweet Springs, Missouri,

▶ Edgewood Creamery’s Sharp or Mild Cheddar, from Purdy, Missouri,

Pair Blue Cheese with Port

Try Chandler Hill Vineyards’ 2015 Port

The 2015 Port from Chandler Hill Vineyards in Defiance, Missouri, made with Norton grapes, is rich and sweet enough to stand up to a strong, pungent cheese like blue. It’s nutty, with flavors of chocolate, oak, smoke and spice from four years of oak-barrel aging. Neutral grape spirits are added during production, stopping fermentation early and fortifying the wine.

Must-Try Local Blue Cheeses

▶ Edgewood Creamery’s Ozark Mountain Blue Cheese from Purdy, Missouri,

▶ Terrell Creek Farm’s Jackie Blue from Fordland, Missouri,

▶ Ludwig Farmstead Creamery Vermilion River Blue from Fithian, Illinois,