Love pickles? Try a jar from one of these local companies.

Served alongside your favorite sandwich or burger, or eaten straight out of the jar, pickles have a sweet, tangy and savory flavor that’s difficult to resist. Having perfected the cool, crisp cucumber snack, these Missouri-based companies are kind of a big dill. Whatever your pickle preference, there’s a variety here for you.

Kansas City Canning Co.

Since its inception, Kansas City Canning Co. has forged a modern approach to the traditional craft of food preservation, embracing unique flavor profiles in its recipes. For example, Boulevard Brewing Co.’s unfiltered wheat beer is used in the pickling liquid for the slightly sweet Unfiltered Hoppy Pickles. And the crisp, tart Cucumber Dilly Pickles feature whole Kirby cucumbers, which get a brine bath in fresh garlic and dill, peppercorn, dill seed and dill weed for a salty-savory combination. kansascitycanningco.com

Papa Hart’s Pickles

Kay Goddard and her husband, Bill, own Papa Hart’s Pickles in Columbia, Missouri. At festivals, they sell 36,000 to 48,000 jars of pickles and jalapeños a year. The sweet dill pickles called Papa Hart’s Pickles – named after Kay's father, who started selling pickles to attract more people to his now-shuttered winery in Lahoma, Oklahoma – have a subtle garlic flavor and a slight red pepper bite at the end, while Grandma Linda’s Dill Pickles, made from Kay’s grandmother’s original recipe, are also worth a try. papahartspickles.com

Float Trip Pickles

What began as a must-have snack on an annual family float trip turned into a tasty treat for all. Float Trip Pickles, based in Springfield, Missouri, offers pickles with that signature crunch and sassy spice from added jalapeños. Besides pairing them with burgers and sandwiches, try them in a Martini or turn them into relish – the sweet garnish will bring hot dogs, brats, salads and coleslaw to life. Sold in markets and specialty shops throughout Missouri, Float Trip Pickles can also be ordered online at floattrippickles.com.

Ozark Pickle Pantry

Made from time-honored family recipes, the gourmet pickles from Ozark Pickle Pantry in Camdenton, Missouri, are too good to eat just one. Fresh and crunchy, the dill pickles boast a touch of sweetness and a final tangy kick. There’s also a hot version with an additional spicy zing. The bread and butter pickles are more sweet than tangy, and the jar of peppers and pickles combines those great-tasting dill pickles with red cherry peppers and pepperoncini. ozarkpicklepantry.com.

Two Men and a Garden

Two Men and a Garden, a St. Louis-based pickle and salsa company, began in 2006 when a couple of neighbors merged their backyard gardens. Thousands of jars later, the company now works with local farmers and distributors to keep up with the demand for its products –which are still made in small batches with seasonally available ingredients. Its pickles come in three varieties: bread and butter pickles, dill pickles and spicy dill pickles. Widely available in grocery stores and specialty shops throughout the Midwest as well as online, no two jars are quite the same. twomenandagarden.com