In August, the owners of The Blue Duck in Washington, Missouri, transitioned their other restaurant, Smokey Duck Barbecue, to a fresh and fun burger concept called Slamburger.

The switch was inspired by the weekly “slamburger” specials at The Blue Duck, which co-owner Chris Rayburn says have been a huge hit with diners. Past slamburger experiments have included the SlamDinger, made with two burger patties topped with St. Louis slinger fixin’s (cheese, onions, housemade chili, two runny eggs and hand-cut fries) and the Sultan of Slam, which smashes three burger patties with onion rings and bacon drizzled with house Slam sauce.

Rayburn says everything is made from scratch at Slamburger, from the hand-cut fries and onion rings to the buns, sauces, ketchup and other condiments.

Slamburger also serves a selection of hot dogs topped with creative ingredients and equally wild desserts, including milkshakes in flavors including gooey butter cheesecake (all shakes are made with a whole piece of pie or cheesecake) and ice cream sandwiches called Slamwiches made with strawberry, vanilla or chocolate ice cream drizzled with chocolate-caramel Slam dessert sauce and wedged between two waffle cookies.

Slamburger, 3051 Phoenix Center Drive, Washington, Missouri, 636.432.5050,

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