Sebree's uses as many fresh ingredients as possible.

Brian and Cindy Boultinghouse moved to Greentop, Missouri, to open Sebree’s in 2012. The quaint homestyle restaurant is mere miles from Brian’s family’s farm, Winkleman Farm, which inspires the from-scratch food on its menu.

The husband-and-wife team uses as many fresh ingredients as possible, including beef from the farm and vegetables from Brian’s parents’ garden. The name also comes from the family: Sebree is Brian’s great-great-great-grandparents’ last name.

Along with rib eye, pork roast and chicken piccata, Sebree’s has the widest selection of seafood in the area. Sustainably caught, the wild ahi tuna steak is seared and then smothered in a lemon-caper cream sauce and spicy jumbo shrimp – it’s a fan favorite and might become yours too.

Sebree’s, 202 S. Highway 63, Greentop, Missouri,

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