Bahārāt Spice Blend

Version of bahārāt vary by region, but they're all delicious.

If spice mixes were blankets, this one would be your grandma’s coziest afghan.

What Is It?

Bahārāt is a spice blend found all over the Middle East. A whirlwind of fragrant, toasty aromatics and sweet heat, it’s got personality for days, with ingredients that shift based on where you are: Some regions keep black pepper at the forefront, while others lean on dried mint or cinnamon to anchor the flavor. Some go even more exotic, deploying dried rose petals or black lime into the fray. Bahārāt may vary in flavor, but it enhances a range of dishes no matter what you feel like cooking.

What Do I Do With It?

Fall is a time of familiarity and comfort zones: We dive back into routine, in life and in cooking. This year, break the cycle just a little and add bahārāt to your life – you won’t regret it. It’s got all your favorites – cumin, pepper, cardamom, even cinnamon – so toss it over roasted winter squashes, Brussels sprouts and all manner of potatoes. It sings on meats such as lamb (that cinnamon!) and beef and kicks up weeknight soups and stews in a flash.

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