Quark is an acid-set fresh cheese made by souring milk until it curdles.

Is it cheese? Is it yogurt? As it turns out, it’s a little bit of both.

What Is It?

Quark is an acid-set fresh cheese made by souring milk until it curdles, straining the curds from the whey and whipping those curds until they morph into a silky-smooth, voluptuous concoction that looks a lot like Greek yogurt. Not sweet but not quite savory, quark has just enough tang to keep things interesting, and you can still use it in sweet applications as well.

What Do I Do With It?

On its own, quark can be eaten like yogurt; a hefty amount of protein gives it all the body of a higher-fat dairy without the excess calories and fat. Try it topped with honey, fruit and/or granola, or layer it into a parfait. In cooking and baking projects, use it one-for-one in recipes that call for yogurt – think quick breads, dips, cakes, curries and soups. It can even be used to add depth and tang to ice cream, as in this sweet-savory recipe that makes the most of quark’s richness.

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