At this point, my household is officially a snacking household, and having these homemade mozzarella sticks on hand is a great alternative to less healthy, boring snacks we sometimes pull out of our pantry.

Let your kids cut the cheese in half and then make a huge mess breading the sticks – they’ll love it! You can fry them, but given that I’m currently working from home, the idea of sitting in a house that smells like a fast food joint is not very appealing; the oven works just as well here.

If you’d rather make your own mozzarella for this recipe, here’s a guide for making fresh mozzarella at home.

Homemade Oven-Baked Mozzarella Sticks 

Yields | 16 mozzarella sticks |

  • 3 eggs, whisked
  • 1 Tbsp milk
  • ½ cup bread crumbs
  • ½ cup panko bread crumbs
  • 1 Tbsp Italian seasoning
  • 8 sticks mozzarella, sliced in half crosswise
  • olive oil spray (or drizzle with olive oil if necessary)
  • marinara sauce, for dipping

| Preparation | Line a casserole dish with parchment paper. In a wide bowl, whisk together eggs and milk. In a separate wide bowl, combine both bread crumbs and Italian seasoning. With each halved mozzarella stick, dip into egg mixture and then into bread crumb mixture; lay in prepared dish. Repeat with all halved mozzarella sticks.

With all mozzarella sticks, repeat the dipping process. First, dip each stick in egg mixture and then in bread crumb mixture, and lay back in prepared dish. (The breading needs time to dry and adhere to the cheese, which is why you can’t double-dip right away.) Once all sticks have been double-dipped, cover casserole dish with plastic wrap; transfer to freezer, at least 2 hours or overnight.

When ready to serve, preheat oven to 400°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Remove sticks from freezer and transfer to prepared baking sheet. Spray the top of each stick with olive oil spray (or drizzle with olive oil if you don’t have spray). Place baking sheet in oven and bake until cheese has melted and mozzarella sticks are golden brown, approximately 6 minutes. Remove from oven and serve immediately with dipping sauce, if desired.