Stay-at-home orders across the country mean that, even though it's the weekend, most of us need to figure out what can keep us busy while indoors. Whether you're looking to try your hand at your own pizza, a breakfast treat or a casserole for dinner, here are some of our favorite savory baking recipes to try this weekend. 

This tart is quick and beautiful. The asparagus can easily be replaced with zucchini, tomatoes or even eggplant as the seasons change.

Try out this Greek-inspired casserole recipe from February's Around The World In One Dish feature!

Made with sweet potatoes, which are in season through December, this savory scone recipe is really versatile. 

If you’re cooking cornbread over a campfire, use a Dutch oven with a lid.

These two recipes outline how to make sweet or savory crêpe batter, but we’ve left the filling and topping options up to you.