Cafe Poland Pierogies

In addition to pierogies, Café Poland serves authentic Polish recipes like stuffed cabbage and a drinkable red beetroot borscht.

Almost every culture features some version of a dumpling. China has xiao long bao, Italy has ravioli and Poland has pierogi. Pierogi are made of unleavened dough wrapped around either a sweet or savory filling, boiled and then usually pan-fried. If you're craving some of the Polish dumplings, we recommend going to the center for all Polish dishes in Columbia: Café Poland

At Café Poland, you can get three kinds of pierogi: potato and bacon, beef and potato and farmer's cheese. You can pick up a plate of six for $9, or pair it with some of the restaurant's borsch for $11.50. If you want to try the pierogi but are afraid the craving will strike when the café is closed, you can also pick up them up frozen by the dozen. 

If you're looking to get a little more out of the box with your Polish order, try one of the other dishes on the menu, such as gulash, pork stew with noodles, or lecho, a spicy bell pepper stew with Polish sausage and potatoes. Regardless, you'll feel satisfied and know that your meal was made with love. 

Café Poland is offering its menu for takeout. 

Café Poland, 807 Locust St., Downtown, Columbia, Missouri, 573.874.8929