Kojaba Bar

Korean specialties include mandu, kimbap and several varieties of pajeon (Korean pancakes).

Gloria Kim got the cooking gene from her mother. Together, they emigrated from Korea to the U.S. almost 35 years ago, and in time, her mother taught her the ins and outs of running a restaurant kitchen.

Today, Kim shares her talent for crafting traditional Korean fare at Kojaba Bar, located at the edge of The District in Columbia, Missouri. Open since 2007, Kojaba offers a medley of Korean and Japanese specialties, including kimchi jjigae served with vegetables, tofu and seafood in a hot bowl. Kim loves watching diners use the tabletop grills, too, as they always seem to bring out people’s playfulness.

Kojaba Bar, 21 N. Providence Road, Columbia, Missouri, 573.442.8383, facebook.com/kojaba.como