Jamaican Jerk Hut Truck

Jamaican Jerk Hut got its start as a food truck.

What started as a hobby has now become a multi-location business for Rexroy Scott and Collin Russell, owners of Jamaican Jerk Hut in Columbia, Missouri.

You probably recognize their food truck hanging around Columbia, but now you can stop to eat at the hut’s new brick-and-mortar location on Vandiver Drive. It's the perfect dining spot for any occasion – whether you want a casual night ordering off the truck with friends, a sit-down meal or a night in with food delivered right to your door.

“We have maintained our food truck schedule and simply added the brick-and-mortar offering since we have had the building for over a year serving as our commercial kitchen,” says Scott.

The restaurant features favorites from the truck’s menu but with some new options for the upgraded space. “We added more exotic items such as oxtail, curried goat and brown stew chicken,” says Scott. “We also have more Jamaican beverages and side items, such as steamed callaloo. My favorite is the beef oxtail, which is a stew of brown-seasoned oxtail with butter beans served over either white rice or traditional red beans and rice.”

Scott says the business grew out of a personal need to eat Jamaican food regularly because it wasn’t an option available commercially while he and Russell were in college at Lincoln University in Jefferson City.

“We would like to think we bring a different flavor to add to the already diverse Columbia offerings,” Scott says. “We want to be a departure from the mundane, normal food offerings.  We also want to serve as a window into the lives of the average Jamaican with food as the vehicle.”

Scott and Russell plan to expand their business even more across mid-Missouri, which might include additional brick-and-mortar locations in Columbia and Jefferson City. Their delivery services, which can be accessed through Orderup and Mr. Delivery, are also a growing part of their business.

Jamaican Jerk Hut, 711 Vandiver Drive, Columbia, Missouri, 573.607.9779, facebook.com/JamJerkHut