La Siesta

The Quesadilla Mexicana comes with your choice of beef, chicken, mushrooms or spinach. 

La Siesta is one of Columbia's favorite late-night haunts. And while the restaurant isn't open quite as late during COVID-19, you can rest assured that the two locations – both downtown and La Siesta North – are still serving up a wide selection of Mexican cuisine and Margaritas to enjoy.

You can probably find many of your favorite south-of-the-border dishes on the La Siesta menu, but we recommend taking home one of the restaurant's many quesadillas. 

La Siesta's quesadillas probably don't look like the ones you make in a hurry at home. Made with 8-inch tortillas, these massive pockets of cheese can be made with spinach, mushrooms, chorizo, carne asada, grilled chicken and more. If you feel like taking your meal to the next level, spring for the Megadilla Fajita; it's filled with your choice of chicken or carne asada, followed by bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and cheese. 

Pair a 32-ounce Margarita to-go with your meal for just $6.99 to create a Mexican feast at home. The classic flavor is lime, but for an extra dollar you can flavor yours to be watermelon, strawberry, sour apple, mango, passion fruit, peach, pomegranate or raspberry, just to name a few options. 

La Siesta is offering its menu for takeout, delivery and limited dine-in service. 

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