Logboat Brewing Co. Patrick Swayzon

Logboat Brewing Co.'s Patrick Swayzon.

Logboat Brewing Co. has unveiled its newest creation: Patrick Swayzon, a semi-tart saison.

Lead brewer Michael Ivancic came up with the name alongside Pizza Tree owner John Gilbreth while the pair were both working in the kitchen at Broadway Brewery a few years ago. At the time Ivancic didn’t have a recipe to use for it, but last winter the opportunity to create a saison for Logboat arose and the iconic name was reborn.

“I wanted some extra acidity as a refreshing flavor component, like a firm citrus tartness without going too far and making it overly sour,” Ivancic says. “For me, saisons are a style of beer I’m always craving when the weather first starts to turn. Something about their flavor profile seems to just pair seamlessly with sunshine and the rebirth of the earth around us.”

True to its name, the beer’s packaging features a realistic design of Patrick Swayze. The label was created by Mike Wolf, the artist who creates the artwork for all of Logboat's cans, and Sarah Snowgren, the graphic artist who adds extra details.

Ivanic says that Logboat plans to release a handful of other beers this summer, so look for more details to be announced soon.

Logboat Brewing Co., 504 Fay St., Columbia, Missouri, 573.397.6786, logboatbrewing.com

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