I Am Sushi & Grill’s extensive “I’m Menu” and the bottles of “I’m Prosecco” lining the shelves might make you say, “I’m hungry!”

I Am Sushi & Grill is the latest concept from Kwang Yoo, who also owns Geisha Sushi Bar and I Am Sushi Burrito in Columbia, Missouri.

The menu fuses Japanese- and Korean-style cooking; you can order sushi, Korean barbecue, or combine the two with the Korean BBQ Rolls. The latter come stuffed with either chicken wings or bulgogi beef and rice, then are wrapped in seaweed like a traditional sushi roll. “I am Korean, so I know Korean dishes,” Yoo says. “I also know Japanese food, so I take existing Korean food and add familiar Japanese ingredients.”

The interior of the restaurant is dim and cozy with waiters walking past your table to serve dishes on extravagant platters with dry ice pooling smoke off the edges. You can also peek over into the kitchen from your table to see the food getting prepared as you enjoy the quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

Yoo says one of the most popular dishes is the Korean Seafood Jeon, which is a mix of pan-fried seasonal seafood (like squid and shrimp) and vegetables including corn, mushroom, peppers and kimchi. Other favorites include the Bulgogi Roll, La Galbi beef short ribs, Spicy Octopus, the Atkins sushi roll and White Tiger roll.

“I like the Galbi and Spicy Octopus,” Yoo says. “The Galbi is cooked with our Korean BBQ sauces, and the Spicy Octopus is really spicy, made with Korean hot peppers.”

Yoo says he hopes people enjoy the food, and he wants to expose people in Columbia to more styles of Asian cuisine. That's why he’s chosen to serve Korean barbecue (including chicken, smoked eel, scallops, bulgogi and salted pollack roe) and make traditional Korean side dishes, such as kimchi, in house.

It’s certainly a unique dining experience for Columbia that will expose people to new foods – like Monkey Brain. At I Am Sushi & Grill, the appetizer features a mass of fried avocado or fried mushrooms stuffed with your choice of cream cheese, spicy salmon or spicy tuna. Whichever toppings you choose, it’s definitely a worthwhile dish for adventurous palates.

I Am Sushi & Grill, 4603 John Garry Drive, Suite 3, Columbia, Missouri, 573.449.0864, i-am-sushi-and-grill.business.site

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