Thanks to Pizza Tree and a new pop up, Columbia residents now have a lot more breakfast options. 

Five days a week, and soon every day, Pizza Tree is now serving breakfast out of its downtown shop. Tuesday through Saturday, you can find slices of breakfast pizza, bagels and coffee coming out of the Pizza Tree pickup window. But if you head to the pizza joint on Mondays, you'll find something a little different: bagels from Goldie's Bagels

Goldie's Bagels is a new bagel pop-up company from Pizza Tree co-owner Amanda Rainey and friend Sarah Medcalf. The two met years ago, when Medcalf was working at Lakota Coffee and Rainey was working at Sparky's Ice Cream. The two have been friends since, through marriage and children, and when Rainey asked Medcalf if she wanted to start a business with her, Medcalf jumped. Hard. 

"I've always worked in service, with very few exceptions, and I've always wanted to do it myself," Medcalf says. 

Rainey, on the other hand, opened the current location of Pizza Tree with her husband, John Gilbreth, but had a full-time job until she became a stay-at-home mom. But she's always dreamed of doing her own thing, and particularly, she has also dreamed about bagels. 

"I have very specific ideas about bagels and what I want in a bagel, and I wanted to make that happen in Columbia," Rainey says. 

So they started making bagels, boiled, baked and smothered in cream cheese like you would find in a New York City deli. And while basic plain and everything bagels are available at Pizza Tree breakfast – which Medcalf has been brought on to manage – the Monday pop ups are when you will find the two women's most creative creations. 

Goldie's Bagels are made with a sourdough base, just like all of the pizza crusts at Pizza Tree, where the two do all of their kitchen work. The bagels are made a day ahead of time and left to cold ferment in the cooler for about 24 hours before they are boiled in malt syrup and baked. Both sides of the bagel are also seeded, meaning that you don't just get toppings on the top half – now, the ladies say, the bottom half of the bagel is surprisingly their favorite.

The Goldie bagel is the business's signature, made with turmeric and black sesame seeds for an earthy bagel with Mizzou pride; it pairs perfectly with their cream cheese, which is always whipped. They've been turning those elements into the Goldie Lox sandwich, which includes smoked salmon lox, red onion and farmers' market tomato, although this particular iteration is probably ending as tomatoes go out of season. But the pair are working on plenty of new creations, including a "pizza everything" bagel adorned with oregano, red pepper flakes, garlic, onion salt and Parmesan cheese, and a Pizza Tree ranch dressing cream cheese. 

While the lines between Pizza Tree and Goldie's Bagels may seem a little blurred since they both exist in the same space for the time being, the ultimate goal is for Rainey and Medcalf to open their own space. Their plan is to have a café that not only is a place to make their bagels, but is also a family-friendly community gathering space, given that they are both moms themselves. 

"We want it to be a space that is for community building, for coming together, for creating safety and warmth and feeding hunger," Medcalf says. "We want a place where moms can come and have their baby cry and nobody's gonna think twice about it."

And while that is still down the road once it's safe to gather again, you can still enjoy their bagels every Monday at Pizza Tree's window. 

Goldie's Bagels,

Pizza Tree, 909 Cherry St., Columbia, Missouri, 573.874.9925,