The Bitters Club

Marcel van Eeden is hoping to mix things up with his new business, The Bitters Club. Although not a bartender by trade, van Eeden is a cocktail enthusiast who enjoys experimenting with drinks at home. Based out of a commercial kitchen in New Franklin, Missouri, just outside of Columbia, The Bitters Club sells aromatic and floral bitters, cocktail syrups and mixers and spice blends for making your own bitters at home.

The aromatic bitters are made with a blend of 26 herbs, spices and fruits, plus bourbon, brandy, gin and vodka. Sold in five-ounce bottles, the bitters start sweet on the palate and finish with a spicy kick. To make bitters at home, spice blends currently come in orange, aromatic, lime and chile flavors, as well as Efflorescent, which van Eeden describes as having a floral character. The blends come with simple recipes: For example, the lime bitters can be mixed with vodka, rum and fresh lime zest.

The Bitters Club’s newest offerings are its lavender-amaro syrup, smoked orange cocktail mixer, classic Margarita cocktail mixer, smoked Old Fashioned mixer and hibiscus-whiskey sour, each sold in eight-ounce bottles. Products are currently available online, at the Columbia Farmers Market and at Barred Owl Butcher & Table in Columbia, and served in cocktails at Barred Owl, Flyover and DrinKraft.

The Bitters Club,