Bangkok Gardens pad thai

Pad Thai from Bangkok Gardens in Columbia, Missouri

Pad Thai is one of the most common Thai dishes in the U.S. The balance of the four main flavors of Thai cuisine – sweet, heat, salt and acid – create a dish bursting with flavor, and generally, a variety of textures, especially when done well. One place that does Thai food well in downtown Columbia, Missouri, is Bangkok Gardens, which offers its own take on Thailand’s most famous dish. 

Bangkok Gardens' version of pad thai, named Phat Thai on the menu, does not stray far from the classic. Rice noodles are cooked in a sweet and sour sauce with cabbage, bean sprouts, diced onion and egg. It is then garnished with fresh lime, peanuts and green onion. You can choose your preferred protein, or try a peanut sauce Phat Thai, a spin on the original. 

Bangkok Gardens is offering its menu for carryout and delivery. 

Bangkok Gardens, 811 Cherry St., Downtown, Columbia, Missouri, 573.874.3284,