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February begins, and so does the onslaught of Valentine's Day-themed activities. Enjoy a Valentine's Day pop-up at Magpie's Cafe in St. Charles, Missouri, or a Galentine's Day brunch at Eckert's. Don't forget Mardi Gras is right around the corner – the festivities start off with this weekend's Cajun Cook-Off in Soulard. 


For thousands of years, pulses have been essential to cooking traditions from Asia to the Middle East to the Mediterranean — and you’re probably eating them too, even if you don’t realize it. If you’ve had hummus or black bean soup, you’ve had pulses: the dried seed that comes from the pod o…

Let Kenrick’s take the work out of Thanksgiving to make a delicious feast ready to eat. Pick up fully prepared thanksgiving meals, casseroles, sides, desserts, and fresh turkeys. Enjoy fully catered, self-service, or single serving specials all in a one-stop shop.

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