Grass-fed beef, house-baked buns, scratch-made ice cream ... this is comfort food done right. At Range, David Bailey's latest entry into the local scene, classic American fare sees a creative and playful reinterpretation.

The ABC burger melds roasted apples with bacon and Camembert. A chicken patty takes center stage in the Thai and is topped with peanut sauce, daikon slaw, shredded cabbage and cilantro aÏoli. Bison fans will love the PB&J, where tomato jam, goat cheese and arugula dress up a bison patty.

Dip your crisp fries into sauces ranging from honey mustard to Crazy Catsup. Smoked onion rings, Marcoot Jersey Creamery cheese curds, big salads and creamy shakes, plus the most comprehensive selection of soda we've seen yet, all add up to another hit for Bailey and another great spot to dine in Downtown St. Louis.

920 Olive St., Downtown, 314.241.8121,

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