Authentic Filipino fare is tough to find in St. Louis, but if you follow Guerrilla Street Food's Twitter feed, you'll know exactly where to hunt down expertly made, delicious and inexpensive dishes with the exotic flavor of the Philippines.

We may be headed into winter, but Guerrilla Street Food is out there, dishing up hearty eats like the Pac-Man: spicy pork asado, chile-braised cabbage, lemon and smoked-paprika aÏoli, black sesame seeds, and scallions piled onto Lebanese flatbread.

Order the kare-kare for a taste of braised oxtail, short rib and baby bok choy in a spicy peanut sauce served on jasmine rice. A little shrimp paste is offered if you wish to add a bit of funk. Lighter dishes like the lumpia and tinapa (smoked local trout, chrysanthemum- and honey-infused vinegar, and local radishes on bibb lettuce) are available as well.

Pair any of the truck's food with its hot, ginger-spiced apple cider for a filling midday meal worth the social media chase.

Guerrilla Street Food,,

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