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2011-12-31T07:00:00Z 2014-11-19T13:04:13Z Shop-O-Matic: AUTCOhomeWritten by Brandi Wills
Photography by Laura Ann Miller
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We all envy children their mega toy stores, where they can play to their hearts' content with the newest and coolest stuff. We adults want to spend a few awestruck hours in a wonderland of our grown-up toys as well. That's what AUTCOhome is for.

"In our showroom you can see things in action," says Joan Hart, vice president of appliances. "You can turn dials, see how the controls work, even get behind the stove and cook with our in-house chef if you want."

The store's automated model kitchens let you test out new technologies and trends featured on a huge selection of appliances. AUTCOhome also works with builders and designers to incorporate current design ideas into your kitchen. Hart says microwave drawers are a popular design element - they keep the microwave off the counter by incorporating it seamlessly into the cabinetry. And Hart sees the popularity of home cooking defining design, with the rise in demand for two-person kitchens, which have additional work space and appliances to accommodate cooking-centric households.

While the staff knows the ins and outs of the store's appliances, chef Nate Bonner is there to talk practical application. He's on hand most days for demos, cooking classes or private events or just to show off all the fun you can have with these exceptional appliances. If you want to lose yourself in the excitement of building your dream kitchen, this is the place to be.

11610 Page Service Drive, Maryland Heights, 314.373.2000,

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