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Buffalo Brewing Co.’s Chili Beer

Style: Ale (5% abv)

Available at: Buffalo Brewing Co., 3100 Olive St., Midtown, buffalobrewingstl.com; $4 (16-oz draught)

Pairings: Barbecued brisket • Monterey Jack

Buffalo Brewing describes its Chili Beer as a "fun beer," and it’s not kidding. It has a nice light body with an aroma of serrano chiles and starts clean with a hint of heat in the back of your throat. That’s where this beer gets you – each sip cools the heat but also brings it back around. It’s an effect that keeps you going back for more.

AleSmith Brewing Co.’s IPA

Style: American IPA (7.25% abv)

Available at: hitimewine.net; $5.27 (22-oz bottle)

Pairings: Tom yum • Pan-seared sea bass

Though St. Louisans have access to a great number of beers from around the world, there are still plenty of breweries whose products don’t make it into Missouri. One of those breweries happens to be one of my all-time favorites: AleSmith. I believe the AleSmith IPA, with a big amount of citrus and a slight bit of pine in the aroma, is possibly the best American IPA ever made.

Boulevard Brewing Co.’s Zōn

Style: Witbier (4.4% abv)

Available at: Lukas Liquor, 15921 Manchester Road, Ellisville, lukasliquorstl.com; $6.99 (six-pack, 12-oz bottles)

Pairings: Pasta primavera • Feta

Now that the dog days of summer are in full swing, I find myself reaching for light, low-alcohol beers. But drinking a light and low-alcohol beer doesn’t mean you have to give up flavor. Boulevard’s Zōn is wonderfully full-bodied but has plenty of citrusy zip thanks to the addition of orange zest and coriander. It’s a great way to beat the heat.

When not using his spare time to make fun of people who write blogs, Michael Sweeney writes the beer blog STLHops.com. The irony is lost on him.

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