O’Fallon Brewery’s Kite Tail Summer Ale

STYLE: Cream Ale (4.6% abv)

AVAILABLE AT: Schnucks, multiple locations, schnucks.com; $7.99 (six-pack, 12-oz bottles)

PAIRINGS: Hot dog • Caprese salad

O’Fallon Brewery fills the seasonal gap left when Wheach went year-round with Kite Tail Summer Ale. Despite being called a cream ale, this beer features no dairy. Instead, it has a generous portion of wheat and a touch of flaked corn to give it a full mouthfeel. This light-bodied beer will be a big hit at this summer’s cookouts.

Unibroue’s Éphémère Apple

STYLE: White Ale/Fruit Beer (5.5% abv)

AVAILABLE AT: Whole Foods Market, multiple locations, wholefoodsmarket.com; $6.99 (750-ml bottle)

PAIRINGS: Apple tart • Smoked duck breast

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of these weird synthetic fruit flavors in beers. It’s a beer, not a Starburst. Luckily, Unibroue makes the best fruit beer available in St. Louis: the Éphémère Apple. It’s tart and crisp, like a Granny Smith apple, with a gentle funk from the unique Unibroue yeast, striking a perfect balance between fruit and beer.

Anchor Brewing Co.’s Anchor Summer Beer

STYLE: American Wheat Beer (4.5% abv)

AVAILABLE AT: The Wine & Cheese Place, multiple locations, wineandcheeseplace.com; $10.29 (six-pack, 12-oz bottles)

PAIRINGS: Casado • Barbecue pork steak

Back in 1984, Anchor Brewing’s original owner, Fritz Maytag, went to reach for something light and refreshing after a long day at work. Upon realizing that all of the light stuff was made by the big breweries, he set out to create a light wheat beer. This wheat beer is filtered, so you won’t find the haze typical of wheat beers. But the lack of haze doesn’t make the beer any less delicious.

The creator of STLHops.com and founder of St. Louis Craft Beer Week, Michael Sweeney is also the craft beer manager at Lohr Distributing.

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