St. Louisan Howie Sher is going head-to-head with the big guys in snack foods with a new brand, What-A-ya-Nuts?!

With snazzy packaging, spot-on humor and all-natural ingredients the four zany flavors of tasty nut clusters have already caught nibblers’ attention. Not an easy nut to crack, but Sher’s 20 years of experience in the grocery business gave him a good whack at it.

Long before the first turquoise talk bubble shouted “What-A-ya-Nuts?!,” he’d crafted a solid business plan. He enlisted friends and longtime business associates in the project, too.

Like What-A-ya-Nuts?! on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. You won’t find a website because Sher’s about connections, interaction and, of course, nuttiness.


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