St. Louisans love Mexican food. And with the breadth of options available to local diners comes a variety of interpretations on our neighbors' culinary heritage. Tex-Mex, Baja cuisine, New Mexican food and other Americanized variations all get lumped in the category of “Mexican food.” The truth is, finding authentic Mexican food can only be achieved by packing your bags and heading south. But there are many local establishments serving up honest approaches to the regional cuisines of Mexico.

For the most part, taquerias – which serve mainly street food – define true Mexican food in St. Louis, as well as throughout most of the U.S. Here you'll find tacos filled with seasoned chunks of meat and garnished with cilantro and onion, instead of ground beef topped with lettuce and shredded cheese. Entrées are commonly layered with braised, grilled or steamed meats, roasted vegetables and rich, complex sauces. Most importantly, great Mexican food – whether on the shelves of a tienda or the menu of a restaurant – is more geographically accessible than you might think. From St. Charles County to east of the river, a taste of true Mexican cuisine is always minutes away.

Our taste tour:

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