Oh, precious, lazy weekend. Time to kick back after a hard week of work - or recover from too much "relaxation" on Friday night. Park the kids, or yourself, in front of the Saturday morning cartoons. Work your way through the Sunday paper. Unwind. Chill.

Nothing puts you in a mellow state of mind better than the one-two punch of sugar and caffeine, courtesy of a box of donuts and a hot cup of coffee. Counter intuitive but true. You see, donuts and coffee, when paired together, slow down your day. Just like milk and cookies, donuts and coffee are designed to be consumed in combination. Nibble a little donut; sip a little coffee.

Happily for St. Louisans, our city is something of a donut Mecca, particularly on the South Side. Hardly a neighborhood goes unserved by a purveyor of fried pastry. And if that weren't enough, the city is blessed with so many local coffee roasters you could try a different company's beans every day for a week and still have more to go. Feast is gonna simplify things for you by doing the leg work. Here are five great coffee and donut picks from around St. Louis. Love that sweet, lazy weekend.

Read about our top five donut and coffee picks:

http://www.feaststl.com/article_0081c3cc-e535-11e0-9b1a-0019bb30f31a.html" target="_self">John Donut and Kaldi's Coffee's El Salvador La Divina Providencia

http://www.feaststl.com/article_ecc8c8e6-e537-11e0-8146-0019bb30f31a.html" target="_self">World's Fair Doughnuts and Thomas Coffee's Premium Blend

http://www.feaststl.com/article_9d98188e-e538-11e0-b64a-0019bb30f31a.html" target="_self">St. Louis Hills Donuts and Goshen Coffee Co.'s Organic Moka Java Blend

http://www.feaststl.com/article_4932f45c-e539-11e0-a88d-0019bb30f31a.html" target="_self">Mini Donuts, Etc. and Chauvin Coffee's Soulard Blend

http://www.feaststl.com/article_daba271a-e539-11e0-8fd5-0019bb30f31a.html" target="_self">Plaza Pastries & Donuts and Northwest Coffee's Rocky Bay Blend


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