Seoul Taco has expanded across the region over the past year, opening new locations in Columbia, Missouri; Champaign, Illinois; and, most recently, Chicago.

Now, David Choi's Korean-Mexican restaurant is getting back to its roots – or rather, wheels: Seoul Taco plans to roll out a second food truck in St. Louis.

The new red truck will hit the streets Mon., June 27. In addition to giving Choi and his team more opportunity for catering and special events, the second truck will benefit a worthy cause. The new Seoul Taco truck will operate daily, and every Monday, all proceeds from the truck will be donated to the St. Louis MetroMarket. Located on a renovated city bus, the mobile farmers' market provides access to healthy, affordable food to the city's food deserts. Choi became friends with MetroMarket founder Jeremy Gross through their church, and the two decided to partner as a way to raise awareness about the need for resources in underserved areas.

"People hear about the poverty in our community, but they don’t fully understand that there are communities in our area without a nearby grocery store," Choi said in a release. "Without transportation resources, many people in these high need areas don’t have access to fresh food. MetroMarket is changing that. We have the opportunity to spread the word on the streets (literally) by sharing MetroMarket’s message with our food truck guests."

That's not all: On MetroMarket days, Choi also plans to host St. Louis chefs who will share cooking demos and tips with shoppers. “It’s not only about physical and financial barriers to healthy food,” he said. “By bringing St. Louis’s esteemed chefs to the market days, attendees can learn about how to cook with fresh ingredients and be resourceful to provide healthy meals for their families.”

Seoul Taco,

Heather Riske is the digital editor at Feast.

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