If you've ever visited Lukas Liquor or roamed in beer circles in West County in recent years, odds are you've sought the advice of Lukas Liquor employees Adam Crumley and Taylor Parsons. And if you stick around for a while, you can taste the pair's beer ideals for yourself.

Crumley and Parsons are hoping to stretch St. Louis' beer tradition to a part of St. Louis County that’s thirsty for fine, artisan brews with Outsiders Brewing Company. The proposed brewery would serve Ellisville, Wildwood, Ballwin, Chesterfield and surrounding communities, according to an email from the company account.

“The St. Louis area has a wealth of great breweries, but with the closest brewery a 30-minute drive away from Ellisville, we have heard the repeated cry from the local beer community, and Lukas customers for a brewery closer to home,” the email read. “We arrived at the name Outsiders because we plan to open outside of St. Louis City, and the beers that we produce don't always fall in with the established BJCP style guidelines. We plan to produce complex and flavorful brews inspired by both modern and traditional styles.”

Crumley and Parsons are scouting potential locations and are in the process of fundraising with the goal of opening a brewpub in West County with a respectable lineup of their own brews and beers from around the world on tap.

While they're currently experimenting with flavors and fermenting in stainless steel tanks, the plan is to introduce barrel-aged brews using wine and spirits barrels. Eventually, the plan is for Outsiders Brewing to offer limited draft distribution throughout the St. Louis area.

Brew fans who want to follow Outsiders Brewing Company's progress can follow @Outsidersbeer on Twitter or visit the company's Facebook page.

Outsiders Brewing Company, outsidersbrewing.com

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