Peter Cohen, owner of Stringbean Coffee Co.

Peter Cohen, owner of Stringbean Coffee Co.

Peter Cohen, owner of Stringbean Coffee Co., isn’t content to simply deliver coffee beans roasted to the peak of full flavor, and not one tick beyond. He’s co-branding his coffees with local artisan food makers in a product lineup that leapfrogs from chocolates to yogurt to sweet caramels and scrumptious pies. He’s even collaborated to bring a new brew to the Lou. Along the way, he’s bonded with a group of talented artists whose heroic designs grace limited-edition bags of coffee.

Here’s the lineup, so far:

Kakao Chocolate Bark featuring Pete’s RedEye Roast

Kakao’s chief chocolatier Brian Pelletier incorporates Pete’s RedEye Roast into Kakao’s classic bark in white, milk and dark chocolates.

“Mocha has always been a popular flavor combination; the sweetness of the chocolate with the tanginess of the coffee. We’re working with texture, too, using the creamy chocolate and the coarsely ground coffee together.

“We love collaborating with Pete. He’s insane, and it’s great. We’re both passionate about what we’re doing,” Pelletier says.

Windcrest Dairy Vanilla Latte Yogurt

Kurt Bizenberger of Windcrest Dairy nailed the perfect proportions of yogurt to coffee in this inspired collaboration. He’s blended a full coffee flavor in a vanilla yogurt that’s smooth and creamy, in a beautiful café au lait colored treat. Vanilla Latte Greek-style low-fat yogurt tastes rich, sweet and so good you won’t believe it’s good for you.

Pie Oh My! Mocha Chocolate Cream Pie and Espresso Pecan Pie

When Jane Callahan, owner of Pie Oh My!, met Cohen at the Clayton Farmer’s Market, the stars aligned. Coffee and pie, two longtime companions, got serious when Callahan added Stringbeans coffees and espressos into two pies to create a mocha-chocolate cream pie and a pecan pie jolted with joe. Callahan offers the pies by the slice on Saturdays in her Maplewood storefront. Whole pies may be ordered as well.

Coffee Caramels from The Caramel House

Caramel House taste developer and owner Janet Ansehl Shulman incorporates fresh, local ingredients in all of her buttery-soft caramels, so she wasn’t surprised when Jim Gorczyca, the head of O’Fallon Brewery, suggested she contact Cohen to collaborate on a coffee treat.

“When we first opened, I made latte caramels,” Shulman says, “but Pete’s RedEye Roast has a bolder profile. We worked with powdered Red Eye to get the depth of flavor in Pete’s caramel.”

O’Fallon Brewery’s Cocoa Stout

O’Fallon’s brewmaster Brian Owens likens Peter Cohen’s commitment to roasting primo coffees to a brewmaster’s dedication to crafting fine beers. “We’re both passionate about what we do,” he says, echoing the sentiments of each collaborator. “I like fruity coffees, but for our Cocoa Stout, I found Pete’s RedEye, an espresso coffee, worked best. It’s a seasonal draft beer for us that goes well with 60-percent dark chocolate, German chocolate cake and tiramisu.”

The cream-style brew uses Bissinger’s chocolate along with the Red Eye to bring out the brightness in the beer.

Star Clipper Super-Blend and Custom Artwork Packages

Jumpin’ Beans, Coffee King, we’ve got a comic collaboration unfolding right under our noses when Stringbeans meets the Star Clipper artists. One-of-a-kind, custom-designed bags drawn by local comic book artists at Star Clipper Comics on Delmar hold 1-pound of Super-Blend, the cosmic coffee that gives super-heroes and heroines the energy to unleash super powers every day. When the coffee’s gone, frame the bag.

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