Recipe courtesy of Aminestha Antoine

This authentic recipe was collected by photog Jennifer Silverberg on a recent excursion to Haiti.

|Serves 8|

  • 2 whole chickens
  • garlic
  • scallions
  • shallots
  • butter-flavored Maggi cube (a local product, similar to a bouillon cube and has MSG)
  • sour orange
  • dried banana leaves 


Boil water.

Kill chicken, by cutting neck. Place in covered bucket. Once dead, grab by feet and scald in boiling water to loosen feathers. Pluck feathers. Take dried banana leaves to stovetop to create larger flame, singe off any remaining hairs.

Wash chicken.

Open chicken, gut and wash with juice from a sour orange (or lime) in order to kill bacteria.

Repeat steps 1-4 with 2nd chicken.

Using mortar and pestle, locally known as a pilon, combine garlic, scallions, shallots, and butter-flavored Maggi cube. Add two tablespoons of sour orange juice. (Can also use a blender for this step.)

Cover all chicken parts in the mixture.

Sear the chicken in large pan. Don't add oil. If you're using a chicken from the Dominican Republic, don't add water, either, because their water content is already too high.

When the chicken has a nice color, remove from stove. Reserve drippings for the sos kreyòl (Creole Sauce).

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