“From a culinary perspective, Nicaragua is a beautiful adventure,” says photographer Jennifer Silverberg, who traveled to the country twice in 2007. “The country boasts both Pacific and Atlantic coasts, offering a bounty of seafood, and there’s much farmland throughout the countryside.”

Silverberg stayed 10 days each visit, the first joining her sister, and longtime traveling companion, to visit a friend in the capital of Managua. She returned a second time on business to capture tourist locations and Nicaraguan life for her sister’s friend’s husband, a business developer overseeing a resort community on Nicaragua's Pacific coast.

Throughout her journeys, Silverberg she dined everywhere from small, local establishments to some of the country’s finest restaurants. And, she documented the origins of the plentiful, and delicious, bounty: Nicaragua’s vast agricultural landscape. In the first installment of a two-part photo essay, Silverberg reveals the produce she discovered and the people behind it.

Click here for the first part of the series and here for the second!

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