Nowhere on earth is better than Brussels for one-stop sampling of chocolate, beer, mussels, waffles and fries, and this year brings additional focus on food as Brussels and French-speaking Belgium is officially claiming 2012 the Year of Gastronomy.

Brussels enjoys an extraordinary food scene fitting its status as a major cosmopolitan center. The multi-cultural, multi-lingual Brussels residents love good food, and the city responds by serving a cornucopia of not only contemporary, creative fare, but also centuries old, home-born specialties and the best traditional dishes that slipped over the border from neighboring France and Germany.

Although Brussels provides a prodigious amount of world-class fare for super-sophisticated diners, the most beloved dishes remain unpretentious, simple and simply glorious pleasures loaded with mass appeal.

Scroll through the photos at left for some of the best eats in Brussels!

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