Food trucks are definitely distinct figures; their giant, boxy frames create an almost Pavlovian response in many St. Louisans. And now it seems that an ambulance is going to do the same thing, or rather, a rebuilt 1976 Chevrolet truck that used to be an ambulance. That’s because it’s the home of The Summer Truck, a new restaurant-on-wheels that is looking to provide the city with local, farm-fresh fare.

As we first reported, The Summer Truck will be utilizing produce from a farm in Moscow, Mo. The providers, Jillas Gardens, will sustain the truck with lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and other produce throughout the summer.

“One thing we’re looking forward to is the huge variety of tomatoes that we’ll have access to,” says co-owner, Kenda Morado. “We’re going to mold the menu based on what they give us. The farm drives it.”

Because of the dependence on the farm, The Summer Truck will have a constantly changing menu lineup, but a sneak peak at the initial offerings—which will be first seen at next week’s Food Truck Friday in Tower Grove Park—include an open-faced summer sandwich with seasonal roasted vegetables, goat cheese spread and basil pesto, a pickled green tomato BLT and St. Louis-style slow cooked ribs from Missouri pig farmers.

“I’ve been doing this for awhile now,” says fellow co-owner Kandace Davis, also the owner of Cha Cha Chow food truck, about the surprising inclusion of barbecue. “We’re in St. Louis, and guys here like their ribs.”

The Summer Truck,, @SummerTruck

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