Pour an artist a cocktail to “stir the creative juices,” then hand over a Sharpie and a napkin. What doodle will result? We find out in this just-for-fun Friday series.

The Cocktail: Look What The Cat Dragged Gin, lemon vodka, Hendrick’s gin, Rose’s Lime juice, lemonade and club soda garnished with a wedge of lemon and lime, by Dan Calicotte at The Crow’s Nest.

The Artist: Deb Douglas, artist and art history professor at Saint Louis University. “This morning in my art appreciation class, my students and I were discussing the doodlings of one of my favorite artists, Yoshitama Nara, so it’s synchronously cool that I get to doodle now.”

Douglas switches things up by adding collages and drawings to her paints. “I have a show at Gallery 210 on the UMSL campus that’s opening August 23 called Exposure 15, Re-Domestic. I like to use girl imagery in what I do: the stuff I’ll be showing uses these German romance paperback covers from the 1960s and 70s. I scan them and do a little digital manipulation, then print them out and paint over them with a sign painter’s enamel called One Shot. It glides really well, and adheres to the paper. I’ve been doing some big work with these, 4’ x 5’. The heroines’ heads have mysterious organic floral shapes coming out of them. I’m having a lot of fun. I also like to paint shells with emanations of zig-zagging light around them, like the holy beams around Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

Douglas has been creating well-respected work and showing it around town for many years now. “I’ve quit making art during a few periods in the past, such as after I had my son. I was too busy, for one thing, and then I began to question what I was going to do with all those accumulating canvases. My stuff sells, just not as fast as I make it. But I have to make art. I can’t not. I get crabby if I don’t.”

What made you choose a Look What The Cat Dragged Gin?

I do like a vodka cocktail. Several years ago, I went to Italy, and when I came home, I had to make limoncello, the Italian lemon liqueur, from scratch. It turned out really well. That stuff is so good poured over pound cake. This cocktail has a limoncello-like flavor profile.

What sort of restaurants do you like here in St. Louis?

This place, The Crow’s Nest, has the most amazing Sunday brunch now. Jimmy, the chef, makes breaded poached eggs Benedict and other delights like chicken and waffles. I eat out way more than I should. It’s hard to find a restaurant in town that I don’t like. I like the burritos at Atomic Cowboy. Blue Ocean has supplanted Wasabi as my new favorite sushi restaurant. Monday night is Dollar Nigiri Night there. My favorite high-end “occasion” restaurant is I Fratellini. That place just has the best food, and the best atmosphere.

What kind of food do you eat at home?

I like to cook with Joey, my partner. We’ve been doing a lot of Thai stir fries since we got a book on wok cookery. I just subscribed to Cooking Light magazine: it is just chock full of great recipes, and it helps us eat more healthily. A lot of times, we’ll browse through it and pick out our meals to make for the week. But you have to look at the time needed carefully and weigh that against how much time you have to spend; some of the recipes take four hours to make. The last thing I cooked for dinner was a breaded Parmesan chicken with an interesting curry sauce. My pantry never runs out of panko breading.

The Crow's Nest, 7336 Manchester Road, Maplewood, 314.781.0989, facebook.com/crowsneststl

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